Mixed a song this morning.

(It’s actually the song we’re featuring next month over at Dueling Mixes.)

Anyhoo, I did something I haven’t done in quite a while. I pulled out a limiter and slapped it on the bass track.

As you already know, typically limiters are used on the final mix during mastering to get the overall level of the mix up to a nice, loud level.

It does this by clipping off the loudest peaks, allowing you to turn up the volume going into the limiter without clipping the track.

While I don’t use limiters very much on individual tracks while mixing, they can come in handy sometimes.

For example, today I had a bass track that was sounding great, but a few little runs were getting too loud and poking through the mix. I loved the tone and everything else about the the bass, except for those few “pokey” spots.

So, I added a limiter to the track, and told it to simply lop off the loudest peaks when they came through.

It’s not hitting every note, just when the bass player digs in a little.

Perfecto. You should try it sometime.

As I often say, there are no rules when it comes to recording and mixing. But the more you know how to use the tools, the better.

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Joe Gilder
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