Got an update for ya on my “Write 50 Songs in 12 Weeks” goal.

I’m about 5 weeks in, and I’ve written around 14 songs. Now, if my math is right, I should have written around 20 or 21 by now to be on track to hit my goal. That means I’m roughly 7 songs behind.

But that’s the beauty of setting big, hairy goals. If you fall WAY short of your goal, you still end up with something awesome.

I could stop now, and I already have an album’s worth of songs. AND, contrary to all you naysayers out there, the songs are actually pretty good. None of them sound “forced.’

After a week of writing nothing (I was sick, and then out of town, and also lazy), I wrote a new song yesterday. My whole life I’ve heard people talk about how therapeutic songwriting is. I knew what they meant, but I never really experienced it myself.

This songwriting goal could not have come at a better time. I really needed to write a lot of songs. I’ve got things I need to express and process, and so far songwriting is a huge part of that for me.

Anyway, this new song is one of those you’ll probably never hear. It’s very personal. But writing it and singing it is good for my soul.

It reminds me of why we do what we do in our studios. Why we obsess over gear and technique. We want to capture those soul-moving musical moments.

I suppose that’s why HSC exists…to help you do that.

Keep at it.

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

P.S. This month’s song over at Dueling Mixes is one of those “whew, that’s powerful” kinda songs. To hear it (and try your hand at mixing it), join here: