Does compression seem like a mystery to you?

It did to me when I first started using it. Heck, I didn’t even understand what compression did, much less how I was supposed to use it in my mixes.

I’d watch another engineer pull up a compressor plug-in on a kick drum, and I assumed that was what I was supposed to do, to, so I decided that I would always add a compressor to my kick drum.

But what was the compressor doing to the sound? I really didn’t know.

Should I use a high or low ratio? A high or low threshold? A fast or slow attack? Again, I didn’t know. I just set it up and convinced myself it sounded better.

Does that sound familiar to you? Do you need some help understanding what compression does and how to use it to your advantage?

I’d love to teach you. Enter Understanding Compression, my latest tutorial series. You can check it out at Enjoy!

If you have questions about it, or if you already bought it and want to share your feedback, leave a comment below. Thanks!