My son Owen likes the cartoon “Peg Plus Cat.”

Every episode centers around a series of “really big problems” that Peg and her funny little cat try to solve.

This made me think about a lot of the email questions I receive on a daily basis. Most people are emailing questions because they, like Peg and Cat, have some sort of really big problem.

But there’s a recurring theme.

People are really good at finding and pointing out the problem, but a lot of them seem to stop there. They don’t actually put any effort into solving the problem.

They immediately abandon the problem and turn to the almighty Google or (even worse) a new piece of gear to solve their problem.

Eventually they come to me for help.

My answer almost always begins with a question:

“What have you tried?”

And the answer I get back is usually some variation of:

“Well, I haven’t tried anything yet. I need to research solutions first.”

That ain’t cool, cowboy.

That’s not the way Peg and Cat roll.

When they realize they have a “really big problem,” they immediately get to work figuring out a solution. And usually that solution involves using a combination of their brains and whatever stuff they have lying around.

That means 99% of the problems in your studio could be solved by YOU and the gear you currently own RIGHT NOW.

You just gotta put some effort into it, and try some things.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to roll up your sleeves and solve problems yourself, you’re a perfect candidate for my VIP membership.

Get started here:

If you’re looking for “shortcuts” to make your music sound better, without having to exert any effort on your end, please DO NOT become a VIP member. It’s not for you.

Hard-workers only.

Joe Gilder
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