Got one heckuva quote for you today:

“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.’”  -Lao Tzu

While I’m not a Taoist or anything, good ol’ L-Dawg nailed this one.

I started lifting weight last week. I haven’t done squats and deadlifts since high school, but I’m loving it.

For the longest time I’ve bounced from one workout plan to another, trying to find a right fit.

All the while, if you asked me if working out was important to me, I’d say yes.

Bull hockey, Joe Joe.

If it really was important to me, I would have been working out regularly and seeing progress, instead of constantly “dabbling” in one workout program or another.

It’s funny, after sending out several “time-management” themed emails over the last few weeks, I realized that my own priorities were a bit out of whack.

Something clicked. We joined a gym, and I dove into a very specific, very measurable program.

I may have told you “I don’t have time” to workout before, but what I was really telling you is “I don’t want to.”

How about you and your studio?

Do you want to spend time getting better, making great-sounding music?

Or do you just SAY you want to?

The proof is in the doing.

I’m not judging you or anything. If your studio is legitimately not a priority, then that’s fine. You’re free to make that choice.

But just realize it IS a choice. You are choosing to invest your time in something else.

And you can choose to invest it back into your studio whenever you want.

One great way to dive in? Sign up for my Dueling Mixes Workout Program.

You’ll get a new song to mix every month, plus custom video training where Graham and I show you how we tackled difficult parts of the mix.

It’s a great way to flex your mixing muscles.

It’s like a gym membership, only you’re less sore by the end of it.

Get started here:

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