So yesterday’s live streaming event went well.

(In case you missed it, I recorded, mixed, and released a song in one hour, using lots of Presonus gear.)

It was a lot of fun, but there was at least one embarrassing moment.

I was recording a sample take of guitar and vocals, and as I walked back to the mix position to listen to what I had recorded (because that’s the only way to REALLY make sure you got the mic placement right), I moved my chair and knocked over BOTH mic stands.

So the mics went crashing to the floor.

On camera.

Live on the air.

Not only was it embarrassing to slam my mics into the floor, but that also meant I lost my mic placement positions, especially on the guitar mic.

Being pressed for time, I just rolled with it, placed the mic close to where I thought it had been before, and recorded the part.

The guitar tone could have been a little bit better, but honestly, the whole thing turned out well.

That’s why I LOVE putting pressure on myself.

I had to record and release a song in an hour. I was worried it wouldn’t go well, and it certainly had its embarrassing moments, but I rose to the challenge and made something happen.

That’s what happens when you back yourself into a corner. Sometimes you fail, but sometimes you do something you’re proud of.

How can you back yourself into a corner, set limitations and do something incredible this year?

Dueling Mixes might be a part of the answer.

Force yourself to finish just one mix every month this year, plus learn lots of new mixing skills and techniques.

Get started here:

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