Got a great email from subscriber Jon the other day.

Wanted to share it with ya. Here ‘tis:

A few days ago I was looking around online and found a build it yourself kit for a 35mm camera. I bought it on impulse. I know almost nothing about photography, but loved the idea of building a film camera to take a few pictures with. This made me think about recording.

Do you remember when you were that inexperienced and eager to get recording?

The camera is just a plastic box with a cheap lens and a few springs inside, but I still can’t wait to take photos of things with it. I didn’t look up what pro photographers used it, or what forums thought of it, I just jumped in.

Will I get it right every time? Not a chance, I still have to use the instruction manual to load the film.

Will they be in focus? Probably not.

Will they be great photos? Almost certainly not, but I’m still eager to have some fun with it.

Can you imagine having that attitude to recording? Where not every song has to sound like Dave Pensado or Chris Lord Alge mixed it? Not every song has to sound as good as your favourite band?

When I go out to take pictures, I’ll take pictures of everything. People, landscapes, anything that I can point it at. I’m not boxing myself in, saying I’m a portrait photographer or a wedding photographer. I’d love to have that attitude to songwriting or recording, trying things out without labelling myself right from the start.

And when I take a bad picture, will I blame the camera? Say because it doesn’t have the latest lens or some other expensive add on, that’s stopping me from being as good as the best photographers? No, I’ll know it’s because I’m miles away from them in terms of ability. With my camera, they could still take a great photo. Does this bum me out? Not in the slightest.

Jon gets it.

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Joe Gilder
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