I’m always hounding you to keep creating music. Occasionally one or two people will “get it,” and awesome things start to happen for them.

Here’s a big hang-up for a lot of people: “What if I create something, put it out there, and people don’t like it?”

Here’s the answer:

People won’t like it.

Some people don’t like asparagus. That’s not a failure on the part of asparagus farmers everywhere. It’s just a very natural part of life.

Some people won’t like the music you produce. Some people will.

There will even be people who are openly critical of your work.

In my most recent episode of GilderCam, I mixed a recording of a recent acoustic show I played, showing a few techniques for taking a simple recording and making a good mix out of it.

Here are a few comments I got:

“your vocal is wonderful as always but overall your mix sucks”

“Wow those guitars sounded way out of tune man.”

To the first comment, I like my mix. But that person doesn’t. He/she is welcome to dislike my mix. I don’t need to spend ANY time trying to convince him/her otherwise. It’s subjective.

To the second comment, yes, the guitar is out of tune. Do I wish I had spent another 30 seconds getting it in tune before playing the song? Sure. But to ME the performance is so much more interesting with the guitar out of tune, because as soon as I started playing the song, I realized I wasn’t completely in tune, so I played the guitar differently. It changed my performance, and I liked the performance.

My points is simply this. It’s infinitely easier to criticize someone else’s work than to create something of your own.

Go make something. Put it out there. When the negative feedback inevitably comes, listen to it if you want to, learn from it even, or simply ignore it. Just don’t be RULED by it. Don’t let the fear of criticism hold you hostage and prevent you from releasing the music you were created to make.


Joe Gilder
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