Man oh man, this is a good one.

Do you ever find yourself chasing your tail in the studio?

Me too.

There are sessions where I’ll spend 45 minutes on one tiny, little, insignificant part of a song.

In the moment it feels important.

But when I look back a day later, I realize I really didn’t accomplish much, if anything.

That’s why it’s important to ask this question about EVERYTHING you do in your studio:

What problem am I solving right now?

This is ESPECIALLY helpful when you’re mixing a song.

Mixing should be fast. It should flow.

When you’re mixing a song, you should feel like a musician, not a scientist.

If you hone in on AB’ing a 15 millisecond attack time versus a 10 millisecond attack time on your second tambourine track of a huge rock song…

You’re being a scientist and not a musician.

What problem are you really solving?

If it’s not a real problem, then you need to move on to something that really matters, something that will have a big impact on how good your mix sounds.

Anything else is a waste of time, and we all know that time is limited and precious.

Identify problems.

Fix ’em.

You’re done.

It really can be that easy. Just because you CAN spend FOREVER on a mix doesn’t mean you should.

Speaking of mixing, it’s the beginning of the month, and that means we’ve got a new song waiting for you inside Dueling Mixes.

This month we’re working on one of MY songs from my upcoming album.

Fun. Stuff.

Come hear for yourself how I go about recording and mixing a song in my home studio. Click here:

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