Recently I posted the question “What are your favorite plug-ins?”. You guys gave me a lot of great responses. It’s helpful to see what other people are using and why they’re using it.

So today, tell me what’s your favorite microphone and why. This should be your “desert island” mic, the one you would pick if you could only have one microphone to record for the rest of your life.

I’ll go first.

If I could only have one microphone, I’d want something very versatile. If it has too much color or warmth to it, it might not be great for everything.

So, I’ll have to say that my desert island mic would be the…

…drumroll please…

AKG C414.

I’ve use the 414 on acoustic guitar, guitar amps, vocals, drum overheads, accordion, upright bass, choirs, piano, B3, etc. There are few mics that sound good on just about everything. The 414 is one of them. Is it the BEST choice for each of those instruments listed? Nope, but it certainly is versatile.

It’s got a nice, clean sound — not too bright, not too warm. Also, it has switchable polar patterns, which is always nice.

Unfortunately I don’t currently own a 414. If I had to pick from the mics I own right now, I’d go with the M-Audio Luna. It reminds me of the 414.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Leave a comment!

[Photo by mrlins]