Here’s a common question:

“I can’t seem to get any clients. I’ve got an ad on Craigslist for a free recording session, but no one is taking me up on my offer.”

Wanna know why people aren’t taking you up on your free offers?

Because you’re not SELLING them.

An ad for a “free recording session” has absolutely no value to the prospective client. You’ve got to create something of value and communicate that value with the potential client. It’s YOUR job to connect the dots, not theirs.

Here’s a great example of creating and selling real value (even for a “free” session) from subscriber Tom from the UK:

“I was struggling to get paying clients into the studio because I had no solid portfolio of previous work.

I set up a free acoustic recording weekend in which bands had an hour to record 2 songs live. We were filming the sessions too so I put the videos up onto the studio’s YouTube account and made it available for bands to share with their friends (if they wanted the video for use via their own YouTube etc I charged £20 for each track). The videos have the studios logo on and from doing this we gained brand recognition. Business has increased immeasurably!”

Tom created an irresistible offer.

Rather than just recording people for free, he created a whole experience, plus a free video shoot!

Tom created something of value, communicated that value well, and got great results.

You don’t have to copy Tom. Just look for ways to make yourself insanely valuable.

There’s a great video (and accompanying PDF) in the VIP members area that will teach you 46 ways to get new clients.

Implement just one of the ideas, and you’ll easily pay for your membership for the year.

Joe Gilder
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