Sometimes you take the bull by the horns and figure stuff out for yourself.

Sometimes you defer to the master.

This is one of those moments.

I COULD technically teach a class on mastering. I’ve done enough of it to be able to warn you of certain pitfalls and to advise you on general best practices, but a few years ago I met someone who could do a FAR superior job than I could.

His name is Shepherd. Ian Shepherd.

You’ve heard me talk about Ian before. He’s a veteran mastering engineer from the UK, and he has a knack for explaining complicated concepts like mastering in a way that evokes a huge wave of “ah-ha moments.”

At least, that’s been my experience.

That’s why I’m excited that he’s re-opening his Home Mastering Masterclass this Friday. It’s such a great chance to learn from — pardon the pun — the master.

If you’re serious about being able to master your music in your home studio, you need to at least give this class some serious thought.

Here’s the link:

It ain’t cheap, but it’s cheaper than hiring a mastering engineer for your next album.

It’s worth checking out.

And yes, that is an affiliate link, but I rarely promote other people’s products unless I’ve used them and really believe in them.

Oh, and stay tuned, I’m putting together a little surprise for you…

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner