Money SignWould you like to make money as a recording engineer? Of course you would, but you’re quick to throw out excuse after excuse for why you can’t make money as a recording engineer.

I want to take a few minutes to briefly debunk some common excuses I hear, and I want to encourage you re-think what you’re doing.

“I don’t have good enough gear.”

This may be true, but I doubt it. Chances are you are completely capable of recording something. It doesn’t have to be the most pristine audio you’ve ever heard. Find an up-and-coming musician who’s never recorded anything before and record him/her. Having never recorded before, the musician will be impressed with whatever you bring to the table.

Having “cheap” gear forces you to work hard for a good sound. This is a really good thing. You’ll learn how to get good at recording. You’ll hone your skills. Get as much work as you can, and when you eventually have enough cash to upgrade to better gear, go for it.

In the meantime, become a better engineer.

“I’m not good enough.”

This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You may not be good. Nobody’s good when they first start out, but the only way to improve is to do it. Do some free recording sessions if you have to. Improve your game, then start charging for it.

“Musicians won’t pay for recording.”

Some musicians won’t, but there are plenty of musicians who are dying to record their music, and they don’t want to bother with all the technical aspects of recording. Enter you. You’re offering to create a product for them. They can sell this product, so it makes sense that they pay you for the product.

“I don’t know any musicians.”

The response to this seems painfully obvious. You’ve got to get out there and meet people. Plain and simple. And don’t forget there’s this big thing called the internet that can help you connect with people.

“I don’t feel right charging for my services.”

What if every professional said this? What if no one charged for anything? It’s a ridiculous concept, right?

Just because you love music and recording doesn’t mean you can’t make money from it without selling your soul. I love to do business with people who are passionate about what they do. If you’re passionate, and you offer value, it only makes sense that someone would pay you for that valuable service.

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[Photo credit – neubie]