A buddy of mine has a sweet studio here in Nashville.

Aside from the expensive mics and fancy preamps, he keeps a Nintendo in one of his equipment racks…with its own TV and everything.

Work on a mix, play a little Contra.


If I had a Nintendo in my studio, I would only have one game — Mortal Kombat.


Because there are so many good recording lessons in that game.

Lessons like:

* Use your own special moves. If you’re Scorpion, don’t try to win by freezing your opponent. (You have unique skills and abilities. Use them to crank out a mix that’s uniquely yours.)

* Learn new moves. If all you know how to do is punch and kick, you won’t win. (There’s more than one way to mix a drum kit. The more ways you learn, the more likely you’ll “win” that next fight against a next drum mix.)

And the most important lesson of all?

(It’s the best part of the whole game.)

When you deal your opponent the final blow, a deep menacing voice calls out “FINISH HIM!”

Then you do some awesome move to finish him off.

That’s the single-most important skill you can steal from Mortal Kombat.

Just replace the word “him” with whatever you’re working on. Next time you’re working on something in your studio, and you’re tempted to quit or to switch to something else, imagine a deep voice saying:

“Finish it!”

Then refocus and knock that sucker out.

And if you’re running a little low on new moves, you should backflip on over to


and pick up a couple training videos, each designed to better equip you to not only finish that project you’re working on, but to make it sound ridiculously good.

Joe Gilder
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