Perry sent me this email the other day:

“Hey Joe.  I enjoyed the ’20 min mix’ video.

It made me think of mixing in a live situation…you just have to pull it together on the run…especially these days where many venues don’t give you much sound check time.

Nevertheless, the mix usually comes together really well and inevitably sounds great.”

If you haven’t seen the video, here’s the link:

I forced myself to mix a song in 20 minutes without allowing myself to stop playback. The song would just loop, and I’d mix it on the fly.

Then I printed the 20-minute mix and went on to finish the mix.

Afterwards, I went back and compared the 20-minute mix to the final mix. Veerrry interesting stuff.

And Perry is so right. You can’t REALLY solo anything in a live environment. Everything’s in context of the mix.

It’s so easy to get sucked into the minutiae of analyzing how every track sounds in solo that you completely miss the boat on the MIX.

We have the luxury and curse of having a solo button in the studio.

I challenge you to try to use it LESS and focus on what matters.

In fact, you can try this technique for yourself here:

Plus, you’ll get to see how both Graham and I mixed this month’s song. Fun stuff.


Joe Gilder
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