I meet a lot of people online. It’s one of the perks of running a website. I’ve even made…dare I say it?…friends online. (Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t worry. I think they’re all normal, law-abiding citizens.)

Anyway, it’s no secret that the internet can connect you with exponentially more people than you could ever meet “offline.” So what does this mean for us recording engineers?

Well, let’s take a step back. What are your goals for your home studio? Are you looking for new clients? Are you trying to find musicians to play on your material? Or do you live in a small town with very few musicians and you simply want to meet some like-minded folks?

As cheesy as it may sound, the internet is a GREAT place to collaborate with people. I’m not saying we should ignore the normal methods of finding clients, other musicians, etc. Going to concerts, writers nights, local AES meetings, etc. is still a great idea. Keep doing those things.

But don’t write off the internet as a way of expanding your home studio. You could be ignoring one of the best things that could happen to you as an engineer.

Today’s assignment – Think of one way you’re going to utilize the internet to collaborate with someone else this summer. Tell us what you’re going to do by leaving a comment below.

Here are three quick examples of how I’m collaborating online right now:

  • Songwriter Demos – An HSC reader told his friend about me. His friend is a songwriter and wanted to hire someone to do full-band demos of the songs he’s written. He hired me. Ironically, he lives right here in the Nashville area, but we’ve not met in person. He emailed me the song details and a rough recording, and I took it from there.
  • Mail-Order Bass Player – My brother-in-law Joel is a bass player. He played bass on my album. A friend of mine back in Indiana needed a bass player. I virtually introduced them via email. Now, without ever meeting, Joel is playing bass on this guy’s record.
  • Mail-Order Producer – I mentioned Monday how I’m co-producing Kevin‘s new album. I’m also mixing and mastering it. While he DID physically come to Nashville from California to record vocals, the rest of the album will be handled “virtually.” He’ll send me files. I’ll send him files.

With upload/download speeds becoming faster and faster, there’s really no reason you can’t collaborate with ANYONE in the world.

Okay, homework time. Leave your comment. I need at LEAST 10…

[Photo by Kevin Marks]