When you work out a lot, it’s pretty common to get little injuries along the way. Tight elbow. Stiff neck. Sore hip. It’s all par for the course.

One thing I’ve noticed…when I’m sore and stiff, I almost always feel better if I go ahead and work out. It helps me loosen up. Sure, I could skip a day or two, do some stretches and roll around on a racquetball, but that stuff doesn’t seem to help as much as actually going into the gym and doing a workout.

That seems weird to me, but there it is.

And guess what, pumpkin? It’s the same song and dance in the studio.

When you’re working on a song, and it’s just not happening, THAT’s the time to schedule your next session and get back to work. When you finish a mix and it sounds like doo-doo pellets, THAT’s the time to fire up the next mix.

Everybody has bad days and sore hamstrings. If you need a break, take a break, but get the next session on the calendar and go back to work.

The kinks will work themselves out, and you will get better.

I promise.

Joe Gilder
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