fadersIn addition to offering training materials here on Home Studio Corner, I also do freelance work as a musician, engineer, and producer.


I’ve been singing since I was in diapers. I took piano lessons as a kid and picked up my first guitar when I was twelve. There’s a lot you can accomplish in your home studio, but sometimes you simply don’t have easy access to musicians. Perhaps there aren’t a lot of musicians in your area.

I can help.

If you need…

  • Lead Vocals
  • Background Vocals
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar

contact me here. My rates vary depending on the project.


I initially went to college to study audio engineering because I wanted to be able to produce my own albums and be a rock star. What I soon discovered is I love engineering. Being an audio engineer requires just as much musicianship (in my opinion) as being an artist.

If you need…

  • Mixing
  • Editing/Tuning
  • Mastering

…for your tracks, contact me here. My rates vary depending on the project.


Do you have some great song ideas but need someone to flesh them out? I can help.

As a producer, I wear both the engineer and musician hats to take a holistic approach to your song(s). Together we can come up with arrangement and instrumentation ideas. From there, I can do as much or as little as you want until you have a finished product. My rates vary depending on the project.

Contact Me

You don’t have to be in the Nashville area to work with me. That’s the beauty of the internet! By using a secure file-sharing service like Dropbox, you and I can swap files back and forth. You send me the song, I work on it and send it back!

Having never worked with me, you may be a bit hesitant. That’s understandable. I want to make it as painless (and fun) as possible. That’s why I normally offer to do the work (or at least a portion of it) before accepting payment, so you have a chance to review it and see if you like where it’s going.

Contact me here.