You just need to finish your mixes.

I’ve been known to talk a lot about efficiency and productivity as it pertains to working in a home studio.

I do realize that focusing on these things can sometimes leave people feeling excluded. If you can’t finish a mix in three or four hours, you might think something is wrong with you.

While I do think we can all improve when it comes to efficiency when mixing, I think there is a greater problem here that we need to address.

One of the main reasons I encourage you to mix quickly is because I think it will help you finish more mixes. Whether you decide to mix quickly or slowly doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you are actually FINISHING your mixes.

If you are not finishing them, you are not really learning the mixing craft.

You are not really getting better.

You can have 50 unfinished mixes, and you won’t get nearly the benefit as you would finishing one single mix.

If all you focus on is how long it takes you to mix, you are missing out. What you should really focus on is asking yourself a simple question.

“Am I going to finish this mix?”

The answer to that needs to be yes.

If it’s not, you need to move on to a mix you can finish.

And if it is, you need a plan of attack to make sure that you do actually finish that mix, whether it takes 4 hours or 40.

I’ve got a plan for you.

I’ll be sharing it on tonight’s free webinar.

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Joe Gilder
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