Happy Monday to you. We survived a weekend with newborn twins. The best thing about having twins is that you don’t have to share the baby with your spouse. You each have one to cuddle with. 🙂


Got some advice for you today. But I’m fairly certain that only a small handful of people will actually apply it.

And that’s okay.

The advice is simple. Here it is:

Getting great-sounding recordings is simple, but it’s not easy.

For some reason, our brains want to over-complicate things. We want to find complex solutions to our simple problems.

If a solution sounds too simple, we reject it.

For example…

Problem: You’re overweight and out of shape.

Solution: You need to eat better and exercise more.

Most people can’t handle that simple solution. They want to find some new fad, some magic trick that will allow them to lose the weight without changing a thing.

They don’t want to work for it.

It’s the same in the studio, too.

You hear me tell you that you need to improve your skills and practice, practice, practice…but you still look for that magic plugin bundle that will solve all your audio problems.

Ain’t gonna happen, pumpkin.

You gotta work for it.

It ain’t easy, but it is simple.

That’s what I love about Ian Shepherd’s new Home Mastering EQ video series. He describes EQ as the “deceptively simple secret to great mastering.”

Most people will balk at that.

But most people haven’t been professional mastering engineers for well over a decade.

Check it out for yourself here:


The introductory 30% discount goes away on Friday.


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

P.S. Don’t forget about my special bonus.

If you purchase the videos using my affiliate link (above), forward your receipt to hmeq@homestudiocorner.com, I’ll give you access to a special live webinar  I’ll be doing.

During the webinar (date will be determined soon), I’ll share with you the biggest things that I learned from Ian’s Home Mastering EQ videos, and how we can apply those to our recording projects.