I sat down to write a song for my upcoming EP the other day. Put it on the calendar and everything. The day before I had written a pretty cool song, so I was confident I would have a repeat performance.

I gave myself an hour. That’s usually all I need.

60 minutes later? Nothing. No song. Four lines on a page, and I had jammed out to a metronome playing 130 bpm for the entire hour.

I had nothing to show for it.

Everything I came up sounded boring or cheesy to my ears. I didn’t connect with anything I played or wrote.

Did it tick me off? You betcha.

But alas, this is part of the game. Sometimes you sit down and nothing goes right.

But you keep sitting down, trusting that the song will eventually show up.

(Hint: It will.)

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

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