My new friend Eric Block said this to me the other day:

“Knowing how to use a word processor and knowing how to write are two very different things.”

Imagine you’re an aspiring writer. You sign up for a class to learn how to become a better writer. But as it turns out, the class is all about how to use a word processor. Bummer.

Or maybe you’re an aspiring fisherman. You take a fishing class…but all they teach you is how to drive the boat.

Those examples are ridiculous, of course, but you know what? A lot of home studio folks do the same thing. 

Don’t believe me?

They decide they want to learn how to record music at home. They buy a bunch of equipment to get started. So far so good. Next comes the idiocy. They spend the next several years learning EVERYTHING there is to know about their recording software.

They spend hours and hours researching and learning their software. Sure, they record a few things, but they certainly don’t record anything “serious.” They must first master this software.

Do you see how silly this is?

Here’s the opposite story:

A guy wants to record music. He buys a mic, an interface, and some software. He starts recording music. He just figures it out. He learns the bare minimum and starts making and putting out all sorts of recordings.

When he runs into a snag, he figures it out and keeps going. He doesn’t wait until he knows all the answers to get started.

Why? Because he’d rather be great at making recordings…not great at running a stupid piece of software.

Do you want to be good at writing or good at running Microsoft Word?

Do you want to make great recordings or simply know how to use recording software?

I think you know the answer.

If you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to mixing, it’s time to put down the books and get your hands dirty. You’ll never improve by studying software.

You WILL improve by doing lots of mixes.

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