Changing things up for you today.

My friend Khaliq Glover (Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock, Prince) is a Grammy-award-winning mixing engineer. He runs an event called the “Music Mixing Success Bootcamp.”

It’s a weekend workshop featuring big names from the industry.

This is something I definitely want to attend in the future. (Newborn twins make that a bit impossible right now. Haha.)

It takes place in the Los Angeles area, and tickets are normally $497.

I talked to Khaliq on the phone yesterday, and he set up a special link for my subscribers for a chance to win free tickets to the event OR the DVD recordings from last year’s Bootcamp. Your choice.

To enter to win, go here:

The workshop is coming up soon (September 6-7), and the contest ends sometime this weekend, so don’t wait around or you might miss your chance.

That’s it. Thanks!

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

P.S. If you have any questions for Khaliq, please e-mail him directly at