Nobody likes to hear that they’re doing something wrong.

But recently I discovered that I’ve been doing something wrong my entire life.

I was tying my shoes the WRONG WAY.

A buddy of mine showed me a TED Talk video which revealed to me the error of my ways.

I was using a “weak” not…and that’s why my shoes never stayed tied (and the knots always looked crooked).

As I thought about it, I realized how this is just a part of life.

We do things over and over (sometimes tens of thousands of times), never knowing that there’s a better way. In ignorance, we forge ahead.

Until one day someone sheds some light on the matter.

This happens all the time in the studio.

You develop bad habits that you don’t even REALIZE are bad habits until someone shows you otherwise.

One of the best examples of this is with EQ. People (I like to call ’em boost-a-holics) are convinced that the cure for a muddy mix is to boost more desirable frequencies to drown out the mud.

They think boosting the lows on a kick drum is the only way to get it to punch.

They think that boosting the highs on a vocal is the only way to make it cut through the mix.

It’s like trying to solve a math problem by using ONLY addition and no subtraction…or like expecting your shoes to stay tied without changing HOW you tie them.

While there’s no single cure for the “I hate this mix” blues, knowing how to handle EQ is the first HUGE step in the right direction.

People accuse me of being too simplistic when it comes to EQ.

All I know is that it works for me…and people who have watched my Understanding EQ videos agree.

Like Jordan, who wrote:

Holy bajeezuz man. I’m through the ear-training video [Video #2] and I’m BLOWN AWAY already…This is fantastic man, I appreciate the work and knowledge you’re putting out.

To check it out for yourself, go here:

P.S. And after you do that, if you want to find out if you’re tying your shoes the wrong way, here’s the video: