Do you ever watch that show “Chopped” on the Food Network?

I’m no chef, but it’s pretty entertaining.

The show starts with three judges and four contestants. The contestants are each given the same exact ingredients, and they compete against one another to make the tastiest, most creative dish.

After each round (appetizer, entrĂ©e, dessert), one contestant is “chopped” (voted off the show by the judges).

What’s so cool about the show (even if you know nothing about cooking), is that each contestant comes up with something WILDLY different from the other contestants. Even though they all have the same exact ingredients to work with, their results vary dramatically.

Did you know that it’s the same way in the studio?

When it comes to mixing a song, you would think that two people mixing the same song would get very similar results, but that’s almost never the case.

While the general “vibe” of the song might be similar, the overall tonal feel can be very different.

That’s why Graham and I came up with Dueling Mixes. We wanted to show you how we can get extremely different mixes, even though we both start with the same exact tracks.

And the best part? If you’re a member you get to play all three rolls in our audio version of “Chopped”:

The VIEWER – You’ll watch the contestants (Joe & Graham) compete, learn from their techniques (and mistakes).

The CONTESTANT – You get the same ingredients we get, and you can work “side by side” with us in your studio, mixing the same song.

The JUDGE – On top of it all, you get to vote for which one of us gets chopped each month. There’s a poll inside the members area for you to vote for Joe’s mix or Graham’s mix.

The competition is fierce, but we’re having a lot of fun already.

Wanna join us?

Even if you decide Dueling Mixes isn’t the right fit for you, I highly encourage you to find a “mixing buddy” to compete against. A friendly competition (using the same tracks) could really help you get better mixes.