Next week I’m heading out to sunny Anaheim, California to attend the Winter NAMM show. I’m excited to see Graham, Warren, Sam, Lij, Chris, Matt, Björgvin, Ronan, Chris, Brian, and others I’m sure I forgot to mention.

BUT…I’m also excited for the chance to see YOU, if you’re gonna be there.

Reply to this email or hit me up on Facebook to let me know if you’ll be there. If nothing else we can shake hands on the showroom floor.

If you can’t make it, and there’s a manufacturer or piece of gear you’d like me to check out, let me know. I’ll be shooting some GilderCam footage while I’m there.

Speaking of GilderCam, here are a few episodes from Summer NAMM last year:


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

I read an article the other day that took a jab at the popular advice to “trust your ears.”

I get it. On the surface, it’s not super helpful advice.

But it gets at something deeper, something a lot of people don’t talk about (or don’t want to talk about).

When you ask me what EQ moves to use on your vocal track, it’s one of those questions that really can’t be answered, not unless I’m sitting next to you in your studio, listening to the vocal along with everything else in the track. Read more »


I want to tell you about a side project I’ve been slowly growing over the last few years. I don’t write about it a lot here. I’ve mostly only shared it with my VIP members, but I wanted to make sure you knew about it. I’ll get to that in a second.

How much do you think about your home studio in terms of VALUE?

Does your studio provide real, tangible, make-them-pull-out-their-wallet-and-give-you-money value? If not (or if you’re not sure), you need to make VALUE the focus of everything you do this year in your studio. Read more »

I’m a big fan of challenges.

I like to back myself into a creative corner and see what happens. It’s exhilarating and frustrating at the same time. And also eye-opening.

When you only work on music when things are safe and comfortable, you never have much of a reason to push yourself.

Challenges are eye-opening because they reveal surprises (both good and bad) in your skills and workflow as a musician and/or audio engineer.

It’s difficult to explain. You have to experience it for yourself. Read more »

I want to tell you about my friend Jeremy Casella.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you may already know Jeremy. We mixed one of his songs called “On the Evening Train” in Dueling Mixes a few years ago. (If you join Dueling Mixes, you’ll have access to ALL the songs we’ve mixed over the years, including this one.) I also interviewed Jeremy about his album Death in Reverse on my podcast a while back. (It’s one of my all-time favorite albums.) Read more »