This week I share with you five lessons I’ve learned over the course of the last 5 years of running Home Studio Corner, and how you can apply them to your studio/music.

Also, I answer some killer questions about stuff like:

  • maintaining the “vibe” of a demo in the actual production
  • using groups
  • choosing songs for an album
  • the piece of gear I own that I love but could make great music without (great question)
  • over-doing it with EQ and automation
  • dealing with level changes when going from mixing in mono to stereo

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Do you struggle with mixing? Does it take you forever to be happy with a mix?

If so, you may be falling prey to a very common and very preventable problem.

I recently picked up a new mixing gig for a client. The songs are full band arrangements, and they are very well produced. There are a few tracks here and there that aren’t recorded as well as I would like them to be. Even so, I’m finding myself mixing these songs much faster than I expected.

Why? Because I am not trying to be a magician. Read more »

Do you ever feel like you have too many balls in the air?

Me too.

Recently, I listed out all the projects that I was actively working on, and I came to a sobering realization. While I was in fact working on all of them, they were all moving forward at a glacial pace.

For the last few months, I’ve been dividing up my day between all of these projects. That sounds good in theory, until you realize it has been two months since I’ve finished any of them. I thought I was being mature by scheduling one hour blocks to work on different types of projects every day. I would write for an hour, I would work on marketing stuff for an hour, I would set aside two afternoons per week to work on client projects. It looked really pretty on my calendar, but nothing was getting finished. Read more »

Remember a big goal that I set for myself several weeks ago?

I wanted to write 50 songs in 12 weeks. That comes out to roughly one song per weekday.

It’s an aggressive goal, but it’s not ridiculous.

Unless, of course, you don’t maintain your daily commitment to writing.

That’s what happened to me.

My 12 week deadline is less than two weeks away. At the end of last week, I had only written 23 songs. In the last week, I’ve written 13 more, bringing my total to 36. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I actually wrote eight songs.

Why am I telling you this? Read more »

Here’s a piece of advice.

If you really want to accomplish nothing in your studio, focus all your attention on unimportant things like setting your studio up as an official business.

I get these questions all of the time. People want to know what steps they need to take to become an official business. They want to set up a business license, form an LLC, and understand all of the tax implications.

What’s my response?

I tell them that if their goal is to make money from their studio, then the only thing they should focus on is THAT – making money from their studio. Read more »

I took my car to the mechanic the other day for a recall repair. They said it would probably take three to four hours.

I had my laptop with me and had planned to simply stay at the dealership and do some work. I found a comfy chair, sat down, and realized that the free wifi wasn’t working.

At this point, I had two options.

I could either call my wife to come pick me up or I could walk a half mile to a nearby restaurant and work from there. I decided to walk.

As I was walking, I realized how silly it seems.

A few hundred years ago, no one would think twice about walking several miles to get somewhere. Today, if it’s more than a block or two away, I will almost think of it as impossible to get there without a vehicle. Read more »


This week I talk about something that I hear a lot of people struggling with – how to set up their own recording business. Got good news and bad news for ya during the rant section of the podcast. Enjoy!

Plus I answer some great questions about things like learning from audio theory from books, getting your mixes to translate on an iPod, how to mix string sections, using external clocks for your digital gear, what to buy next for your studio (!), and blurring the lines between recording and mixing.

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When we moved into our house a year ago, it came with a pretty cool play set in the backyard (slide, swings, etc.).

Since we have three kids, we were very excited.

Upon further inspection, we found that this play set wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The wood is rotting in most places. You can’t swing on it without worrying about the whole thing collapsing completely. It looks like we will have to either spend a good chunk of money to have it replaced or buy a new one altogether.

Sound familiar?

I’ve heard it a thousand times. Read more »