I attended a Sandra McCracken concert here in Nashville a while back. (She’s one of my faves. Check out her music. You’ll thank me later.) The venue was fairly small and crowded, but I managed to get a spot right next to the sound guy.

I love being next to the sound guy.


Really good sound engineers are always actively mixing. They don’t “set it and forget it,” then sit down to play games on their phone.

This guy was a pro. He had silver hair down to his shoulders. I’m fairly certain there was an earring or two, maybe a few tattoos. He was probably in his fifties, and I got the sneaky suspicion he had mixed many shows in his career.

Sadly, whenever I come across a music industry veteran, I expect him to be a cynical, crusty, angry old curmudgeon. But this guy was something completely different. Read more »


This week my sweet twin Maggie makes an appearance on the intro (and she’s at the VERY end, too…wait for it. It’s pretty cute). If you’re on Twitter, you can follow me to get behind-the-scenes peeks as I record each week’s episode, plus other stuff via Periscope. Follow me here: @joegildermusic

On this week’s episode, I talked about new stuff with me and my studio, and I gave a long, in-depth answer to a GREAT question about dealing with procrastination.

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This is a guest post from Björgvin Benediktsson, from Audio-Issues.com:

Are you the type of person that just dives into mixing without taking the time to really think about what the song needs?

Well, stop it.

You’re not doing yourself any favors.

In fact, I would argue that you’re spending more time mixing that way than with the way that I’m about to tell you.

You see, all too often we tend to reach for our plug-ins before we really think of what we’re going to do with them.

It’s like a knee-jerk reflex to slap an 1176 on the kick drum, or add a 5 kHz presence boost to the lead vocal.

You can probably think of more ways that you “automix” every time you pull up a new song in your DAW.

Well, how about I give you a different method that actually helps you get a great mix before you even slap on ANY of your favorite plug-ins.

Here we go: Read more »