SPECIAL BONUS – In this episode I play for you the title track from my new album, “Better This Way,” in its entirety (starting at 11:51).

I also share with you some details about a concert I’m doing on March 20, 2015 at 8pm Central. It’s an acoustic set with percussion, bass, guitar, vocals, and harmonies. [UPDATE: Due to illness in the Gilder house, the show is now going to be an solo acoustic show instead of a full band show. We’ll do a full band show in the future!]

And online concerts might be a great thing for you to look into for your music and your clients’ music. Could be a great service you could offer people. Great-sounding audio for their streaming concerts. Hmmm…

And in the abbreviated Q&A section, I answer questions about stuff like:

  • How to calibrate your studio monitors
  • Multiple ways to deal with latency while recording
  • Signal degradation with a volume knob?

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This week I announce a special remix contest using one of the songs from my upcoming album. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2015. Full details and download links here:

And in the Q&A section of the podcast, I answer questions about stuff like:

  • higher sample rates – worth it?
  • drawing a good performance out of a client
  • good mics for recording drums
  • how to handle a project where two different people are mixing different songs

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BTW Shadow

I’m happy to announce my latest album Better This Way will be released on April 7, 2015.

Between now and then, I’ve got some fun stuff planned, including a live online streaming concert on Friday, March 20th at 8pm Central Time. (More details to come.)

You, on my album?

Want a chance to be featured on my album? I’m hosting a remix contest for the title track from this album, a song called “Better This Way.”

The best remix (chosen by me) will be featured as a bonus track on the digital version of the album.

There are 13 original songs on the album. My version of “Better This Way” is the first song, the remix winner’s version will be the bonus 14th song.

This is not a mixing competition!

This is a RE-mixing competition. I’m not looking for a slightly different version of my song. This is your chance to take the stems of my mix (download below) and do something creative and new with it. Wanna turn it into a dance remix? Go for it. A country chicken-pickin’ tune? Have fun. Big orchestral arrangement? Let’s hear it.

The only rule is that you have to keep the lead vocal track. Everything else is up to you. Keep what you want, ditch the rest and create your own version of “Better This Way.”

Click here to download the stems.

I’ve also uploaded a chart for the song. It’s a “Nashville Numbers” style chart, which is what we used on tracking day to record drums, bass, and electric. Click here for the chart.

To answer a few questions…

  • The audio files you are downloading are “stems” from my final mix, including Drums, Bass, Acoustic, Electrics, B3 (organ), and a short background vocal part called “No”. These are not the full multi-track audio files from the session. These are the various parts of the song, already mixed by me, including all effects I used.
  • The only rule for the contest is that you have to use the lead vocal track. Everything else is your decision. Feel free to mess around with arrangement, etc. if you like, but keep the lead vocal and all verses in your version.
  • The files are 24-bit, 44.1 kHz stereo WAV files. The song is in the key of A. The tempo is 106 bpm. See link above for a complete chart.


HOW TO ENTER: To enter to win the contest, simply upload your remix to SoundCloud or Dropbox (or whatever service you prefer), and leave a comment in the comments section below with a link to your remix. You must submit your remix no later than March 31 to qualify. I will personally choose the winner, who will be featured on the digital release of Better This Way.

Good luck, and have fun!!


I shared this little secret with my Dueling Mixes members this month, but I want to share it on the podcast as well.

It has to do with a way of approaching a mix that virtually guarantees you’ll mix it better.

And in the Q&A portion of the podcast, I answered some really great questions about stuff like:

  • How to approach recording and mixing multiple electric guitars
  • How to record electric guitars with multiple microphones (and not have a huge headache later)
  • How to mix if you tend to “EQ” the sound of your car stereo or iPod
  • Thoughts on and other automatic mastering service

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