presonus flood promoYou may have heard about the recent flooding down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. What you may NOT know is that one of my favorite audio manufacturers IN THE WORLD is located in Baton Rouge — Presonus.

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This week we talk about the pros and cons of room treatment, and how it’s both important and unimportant.


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Man, this isn’t what I was planning to write today, but it popped in my head, and I can’t shake it.

I go through seasons of watching a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk videos. I’m listening to his Ask Gary Vee audiobook right now. While there’s plenty he says that I don’t agree with, I kept seeing this phrase pop up in some of his videos:

Do. Fail. Repeat.

I friggin’ LOVE that. Especially after yesterday’s episode of Ask Joe, where I talked about getting fired by a client.

Most people have a major aversion to anything painful or uncomfortable. “Avoid pain. Maximize pleasure.” are words they live by. But is pain such a bad thing? Could you make an argument that pain is a GOOD thing?

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