’Tis that time of year again.

Time for the official Home Studio Corner

“Humongous Buy-One-Get-One-FREE End-of-the-Year Sale!”

(Yes, humongous is absolutely a word.)

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Today I talk about one of the most important topics you can ever think about when it comes to making music in your studio. And in the Q&A section, I answer your questions about:

  • dealing with phase issues with doubled guitars
  • types of headphones (and which one you should definitely have)
  • the key to using EQ without aimlessly “boosting and sweeping”
  • audio examples of the difference acoustic treatment can make
  • tips for recording 7 people at the same time, in the same roomWanna submit a question for the podcast? Go here: www.askjoegilder.com

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Okay, this is a bit awkward, but I need to address it.

Yesterday I sent out an email with a typo in the subject line.

I didn’t catch it until the email had already gone out.

If taken the wrong way, the subject line could have been offensive and inappropriate.

That was NOT my intention. I literally just goofed up when typing in the subject line.

I’m sorry for not being more careful. Read more »

I had a weird dream last night.

A 13-year-old kid was babysitting Maggie, one of my 18-month-old twin girls.

They were upstairs at an old house, with a big banister/railing overlooking the downstairs. The gaps between posts was huge, and I told the kid to make sure Maggie didn’t get close to them or she’d fall through.

Then he picked up Maggie and held her out OVER THE RAIL.

Holy fury. Read more »

I went to a Black Keys concert earlier this week.

Man, I really enjoyed it.

Their music is so simple, and so rockin’.

I love that Dan Auerbach doesn’t use in-ear monitors and uses big floor wedges instead.

He doesn’t use a wireless pack on his guitar. He uses a huge coiled white cable that’s like 30-feet long.

And they just played.

And rocked.

And sounded fantastic. Read more »


Today we discuss something that we ALL need to think about when it comes to working in our home studios.

And in the Q&A section, I answer questions about stuff like:

  • Ways to find other like-minded home studio folks
  • Connecting multiple audio interfaces together
  • Advice for miking drums with two mics
  • A fun trick for making it fun to mix a boring song
  • Why you should bother treating your room when your car has no acoustic treatment (great question)
  • A tom-gating trick
  • Easy way to think about attack and release controls on a compressor

Wanna submit a question for the podcast? Go here: www.askjoegilder.com

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