I wrote yesterday about how I recently picked my $400 Ibanez Artcore guitar over my $1200 Gibson Les Paul, even though there’s a 3x price difference. It was just the right guitar for the job.

Well, one of the downsides of that Artcore guitar has been how quickly it goes out of tune. It hasn’t been uncommon for me to need to re-tune between songs.

That’s not cool.

Because of this, I had been doing some research online for how to address this. Maybe new tuners and a new nut? Perhaps one of those Evertune bridges that literally never go out of tune?

It would be hard to justify spending several hundred bucks on a guitar that’s only worth $400 or less, but at the same time, if I like the tone of the guitar it’s completely worth it.

So I was considering this in the back of my mind when, one night last week, I consulted the almighty Google to find out what mods and upgrades people had done to their Artcore guitars.

I found a thread. Read more »

Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson, one that could potentially save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

I was on the schedule to play electric guitar at my church.

Since there would only be one electric guitar, I opted to bring my Gibson Les Paul Studio to the Saturday rehearsal. (I like playing through thick-sounding humbucker guitars when it’s just me.)

The entire rehearsal I was fighting the guitar. There was a certain tone I wanted, and I just wasn’t getting it.

I made it work, but I wasn’t terribly happy. Read more »


This week I share with you some ways to finish your mixes without over-mixing (aka ruining) them. And in the Q&A section, I deal with topics like:

  • how to deal with a client who talks too much
  • which to buy first – another mic or speakers?
  • simple de-esser solution
  • dealing with client expectations/frustrations

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I never wore pocket-protectors.

But I am a nerd.

It kinda hit me last week.

I took my family on vacation to the beach. We piled all 5 of us into our van and headed for Florida.

And what was one of my favorite leisure activities that week?

Well, aside from eating crab, playing at the beach, and spending time with Pam and the kiddos, I read 3 books.

Two of those books were about…wait for it…MONEY.

Like, investing.

Talk about BORING.

I realized I am officially a nerd. Read more »

I saw a statistic from a few years ago that said 60% of people in the US watch up to 5 hours of NFL per week.

27% watch 6-10 hours.

Per week.

I’m not here to judge. I like football. I just never seem to have time to watch it.

Yesterday I watched the Titans beat the Jaguars. I had forgotten how LONG football games are. If you watch more than one game per week, you’re pushing 6 hours of TV time.

What would happen if you boycotted football on ONE night per week?

I’m not saying cut it out altogether, but what if skipped ONE game per week and devoted that time to mixing a song?

Do you think it would be worth it?

Would you feel better after mixing a song for 3 hours, as opposed to flopping down on the couch for 3 hours?

I think so. Read more »