I think it’s really the ultimate compliment.

When I released my album Out of Indiana a few years back, a drummer friend of mine commented on how great the drummer was.

The drummer’s name?


(Well, more accurately, EZDrummer + me and my computer mouse.)

I managed to fool a drummer, so I must have been doing something right. :) Read more »


This week we continue the conversation from last week about being speedy in the studio. In the Q&A section, I answer your questions about things like:

  • Ways to collaborate with musicians online
  • My Eureka settings for recording my voice
  • Finding motivation to finish songs instead of constantly starting new ones
  • Figuring out what parts to play (and when they just aren’t working)
  • How to make your mixes sound more professional
  • A “forgiving” way to use EQ

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Sometimes I may come across as a bit anti-MIDI.

A MIDI bigot, if you will.

Well, I’m not.

Yes, I do usually prefer to record real drums. (My drummer Tim is a beast.)

But there are still times when it makes sense to program drums. (Lest you forget, all the drums on my album “Out of Indiana” were programmed by me using EZDrummer.)

So when does it make sense to use MIDI drums? Read more »

This is going to sound strange, I know.

Every winter, as the air gets dryer, I turn into a shock factory.

It seems like everything I touch produces a small shock. (Hello, static electricity.)

It gets to where I cringe every time I touch a computer or a doorknob, waiting for the inevitable jolt.

One day I was standing in the frigid cold, putting gas in my car, when I realized that my propensity to shock things could be my downfall. Imagine one tiny little spark erupting right next to the gas pump.

Boom. No more Joe.

I know it’s ridiculous and irrational.

That’s why I bring it up. Read more »


In this episode, I share with you the first of four reasons why ’tis better to be fast in the studio. I’ll continue the discussion next week. And in the Q&A section, I answered your questions about stuff like:

  • Preproduction tips for keeping an album consistent
  • DIY acoustic panels
  • Calibrating your studio monitors
  • recording and mixing each song vs recording first THEN mixing everything
  • loop-based production advice
  • matched pair – worth it?
  • recording drums with only two inputs
  • where are all the women in the audio industry? (Hint: I have no idea)

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