If you saw the latest episode of GilderCam, you know that I spent two days in the studio this week tracking songs for clients.

We spent a while that first morning dialing in the snare drum tone. We used a combination of dampening and mic placement changes to tame some of the ringing frequencies.

Tim (the drummer) let me listen to a song from a session on which he recently played. The producer kept asking him for a more open-sounding snare drum. They stripped off all the dampening until the drum was ringing like crazy. By itself it sounded like too much, but in the mix it sounded huge and amazing. Read more »

I received a comment recently that went something like this:

“I’ve been consuming your content for a while now. This article was the final piece of the puzzle for me. Now I can start working on my EP. Thank you!!”

While I am immensely grateful that anyone would take time to read one of my articles or watch one of my videos, I always feel a little icky when I get comments like this.

Here was my response: Read more »


After a few months off, Ask Joe is BACK!!! I’ll be back to my regular weekly schedule: Tuesdays at 1pm Central.

Join us every Tuesday at 1pm CT from over at my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/homestudiocorner

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I mentioned last week that I’m bringing back Ask Joe, my weekly podcast where I answer your questions.

What’s cool about it is that I stream the whole thing live on YouTube, then post it later as a podcast/YouTube video.

The plan is to get back on the normal schedule of going live on Tuesdays at 1pm Central. However, I’ve got an all-day recording session booked for tomorrow, so I’m sneaking an episode in TODAY at around 8:15 am Central. That’s a little over two hours from now.

It’s last-minute notice I know, so here’s how you can get in on the action:

  1. If you can make it live, click on this link. I’ll start at 8:15am Central.
  2. If you CAN’T make it, leave a comment below with your question. I’ll try to answer as many as I can.

I’ll post the episode on the blog later today.


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

I had a great songwriting session yesterday. I’ve been trying to cowrite more songs lately, and it’s been such a cool experience.

Yesterday’s session was with my buddy Daniel. It was the first time we’d written together. It was so fun to experience how he writes. Daniel has a publishing deal. He’s written hundreds of songs in the last couple years alone.

There are two common (and surprising) themes to all the songs he’s written. Read more »

I have a confession.

I hate making decisions.

I love having MADE decisions, but the actual decision-making process wears me out. It’s not so much normal, everyday decisions like “Should I put Sriracha on my eggs today or not?” (By the way the correct answer is “YES ALWAYS.”)

It’s the important decisions, the ones about work and music. You know, decisions about things like how I spend my time at work, how I spend my time NOT at work, how to become a professional model…things like that.

But seriously, it can be a struggle. I’ve gotten better, but the underlying resistance is still alive and well. Read more »