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The Right Way to Place Cymbals Swells

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2023

Just a quick check-in to make sure you’re putting your cymbal swells in the right place.


The Wrong Way to Set Goals

goals Dec 19, 2022

Let’s talk about goal-setting, shall we?


What to Buy #CyberMonday

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2022


Dynamic EQ (vs Normal EQ)

eq Nov 21, 2022

I don’t collect plugins, but there is a new one I’ve been trying out...


Microphone Settings

microphones Nov 07, 2022

Ever wondered what those switches on a microphone do?


3 Mixing Nightmares

mixing Oct 31, 2022

It’s Halloween. Let’s tell some scary mixing stories.


GIRATS and Marcus Mumford

girats Oct 25, 2022

A little GIRATS lesson, courtesy of Marcus Mumford.


Secret to Getting Mixes to Sound Good in the Car

mixing Oct 24, 2022

Today I answer some questions about mixing and songwriting, plus I share something new at Home Studio Corner.


What is Mastering?

mastering Oct 17, 2022

Watch this video, then click this link:


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